Care across Scotland

The needs and priorities of children and their families using our services are changing during this time of uncertainty.

We want to assure you the steps we are taking to continue, restart and evolve our service offering are in consultation with those in our care.

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Knowing that your child may die before you do, is the unthinkable reality that thousands of families across Scotland have to cope with every day.

Right now, we only have enough money to help one in three families. You can help us to reach them all.

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Tash Chell

HTOC Charity Coordinator

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To donate to CHAS via the HTOC please click on the 'Donate' button below. 

Donations are completely optional and at your own discretion. 

All donations above £10 will qualify for the HTOC 2022 charity pin badge as shown so please remember to leave your postal address in the paypal note or click the box to share your postal address to receive your badge! 

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