HTOC Charity fundraising 2019

After a great success with the 2018 charity appeal, this year the  HTOC will be raising money for another great cause!

This years randomly selected region is Jersey. Our members on the island have chosen to support Autism Jersey, which is an amazing charity which dedicates their time to support people on the autistic spectrum. 

Last year we managed to raise a whopping £2064.63 for Hannahs homes, which we will be having a handover event to be held in May.  This year we are hoping to get as much as we can for another amazing charity! We will be holding collections at our events along with raffles and games. 2019 charity pin badges will also be available for donations over £10

As always, donations are optional but always gratefully received!

Tash Chell & Amie Oakley

HTOC Charity Coordinators

Autism Jersey

Autism Jersey is the leading charity in Jersey dedicated to the assistance and support of people on the autistic spectrum. The aim of the charity is to enable people with autism to lead a full and inclusive life and enjoy a reasonable degree of independence.
They provide essential support for families, individuals and carers for both adults and children.

Autism is a lifelong developmental condition that affects how a person communicates with, and relates to other people. It also affects how they make sense of the world around them. It is a spectrum condition, which means that, while all people with autism share certain difficulties, their condition will affect them in different ways.

There are approximately 1,000 people in Jersey who are on the autistic spectrum. They ensure that these adults and children receive timely intervention to improve the quality of life for them and their families

To donate to the Autism Jersey appeal via the HTOC please click on the 'Donate' button below. 

Donations are completely optional and at your own discretion. 

All donations above £10 will qualify for the HTOC 2019 charity pin badge as shown so please remember to leave your postal address in the paypal note or click the box to share your postal address to receive your badge!