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The HTOC was formed in April 2014, to cater specifically for Hinckley style machines. The club was started by a small group of friends after it became apparent that there was no genuine welcome for these bikes from existing Triumph owners clubs. Feeling somewhat rejected and dealing with a club which we felt was stuck in its ways, we decided to go our own way and find other like minded enthusiasts for these future classic motorcycles.






Our first approach was via social media and the likes of Facebook.  It was then we found that we were not the only people feeling this way about a need for a dedicated club.

We created the Facebook page as a starting point and within a month we acquired around 20 members in the local area. From there on it started to snowball and we did not anticipate the genuine enthusiasm and encouragement we gained from our Facebook friends.

From this we arranged a club 'meet and greet' for members to put some faces to names; this event was held in Ledbury 2015 and has been an annual event since.

With demand for merchandise we started producing club patches with country names incorporated making it more personal.  We then went on to supply t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and pin badges. 

 We have gained over 30,000 members and followers  worldwide and have set up FB pages for Australia , New Zealand, Germany, USA and Austria and Canada .All sites have their own admins and it's great to see them doing so well. 

Full club membership was introduced in 2015 and at a cost of £25 for a life time membership, giving members access to the club's discount page, saving up to 15% on selected dealers and merchandise.  

The interest has been amazing and that's thanks to all our members and the enthusiasm shown in the club and the Hinckley motorcycle brand.


It has been a great 8th year and we have big plans for the future,  we hope you will join us in what we believe to be the best Triumph motorcycle club ever. 




The HTOC team ... 

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