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Below you can purchase your lifetime membership, please follow as instructed. You will be notified once your membership has been successful.

Any queries please contact Vicky Bruce (Membership Secretary) on

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If you do not have a Paypal account you can still use the Paypal service as a guest by clicking the 
Pay by Debit or Credit Card option 
In your membership pack you will receive your membership card and number, on the back of the card are the passwords to obtain access to the members area of the website for discounts, a club pin badge, 4 flyers, a patch from the year you joined and the club leaflet listing the groups 
Joining the HTOC. If you decide to support the HTOC by becoming a full member we offer club discounts at various dealerships and motorcycle outlets including club merchandise

Membership allows you access to the members page via the passwords on the back of your membership card, please enter the password in capital letters as printed on the membership card which you will receive in the post following you application. 

Our membership is £30 including postage worldwide and is a one-off payment, no yearly subscriptions. We also accept pillions as members 

We primarily use Facebook to interact with our members and have pages in the UK, Germany, America, France, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Austria and a dedicated Ladies page. 

We are an unincorporated club that exist purely for the clubs members.



Vicky Bruce

Membership secretary/Treasurer 

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