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Midlands HTOC

As this season is drawing to a close i would like recap what we have done and achieved this year along with what the LCs and i are hoping for to do next year. Firstly a big thank you to all who have been involved this year, wether your an LC or an active member of the region, we cant do it without you guys, so thank you. We have seen new local meet starting this year in Warwickshire, though a little slow to start, there now seems a nice group of regulars attending now and with Richard Brooks at the helm im sure we will see the area grow next year. We finally now have a LC in Nottinghamshire, Dave Gill has transferred from Yorkshire and agreed to take on Notts, so please support Dave next year when the meets starts. So what have we done in 2019? We start as always with our monthly meets going though the winter period. The first main event we attended this year was Bike 4 Life in April, good event in Staffordshire and highly recommended. May saw us attend the Rugby Bike Fest which is always a good show on Rugby high street and draws a good crowd. We also follow this with the Loughborough bike show in the afternoon, not as big, but gets better each year. June was quite a busy month starting with Peterborough festival of Wheels. The first year for the event and it showed but 2020s sounds awesome. Following was the final Ledbury weekender, the main club weekender, great pub and great company as always and a hog roast to boot this year. Cambridgeshires LC Zed Langdon-Smith hosted the Royston motorcycle show, where the regions new gazebo made its first appearance. Finally in June was the Peterborough Armed Forces Day, which was a very productive day in terms of interest in that area, and there will hopefully be a meet in that area next year. July and August was mainly joining in other bike nights and events planing next year calendar. Unfortunately not everything has gone to plan this year. Woody decided to step down this year as Derbyshires LC. Moving on to next years plans then. Firstly im hoping Pam O'Loughlin will be able to rejoin us again and continue with helping building Norfolk up. Get Better soon. The calendar for next year is already growing with the season opener ride, Bike 4 Life, Peterborough festival of wheels, Peterborough Armed Forces Day, RTTW and Skegfest. You can find all details in the event section. We are still looking for LCs in Northamptonshire, Shropshire and Derbyshire. If your interested and a full member PM me for more details. Last but not least im planning a Midlands Weekender at the Warwickshire location so if anyone can help out in anyway to make it a great weekend to remember please again PM me ideas/tips or leads.

Thank you all again for a good 2019 and we only need 25 more members to reach 500 regional members so keep sharing and spreading the word. Ride Safe Chelly

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