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Yorkshire HTOC

Here's our blog for February for those who attended and those who want to know where we've been..

On the 6th February we returned to our South Yorkshire venue for our get together in Ravenfield where, for a change,it didnt rain . We had a new member join us for this get together-Craig Hawksworth who fitted right in with us all straight away and look forward to meeting him again at our next meet. The turnout was great considering the cold weather and looks like it can only get better. Thank you everyone for turning up for our meet and will see you all next month.

22nd February was Tony's meet up at Warley Cross near Driffield on what was probably the windiest day of the year (so far) . 4 members managed to brave the wind on their bikes to reach there and only a few in cars due to the

extreme weather. A good day of banter , riding and good food was to be had at Warley cross cafe where our members are now spoilt rotten by the owners which is always a bonus and shows that we are behaving like gentlemen (and ladies) and not like the media would have us behave. Nice one Tony.

29th Feb was Ben's meet up at the Sun Inn near Harrogate up in the wilds of North Yorkshire and seems like the perfect spot for our meets. 22 members turned up for this one as the weather forecast was for really stormy wind and rain, it was wrong, the sun was out and wasnt too windy so those that could, ventured out for , as it turned out for some , their first ride of the year. Lets hope this place stays popular for everyone and remains on our get together calendar. Great meet Ben, well done..


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