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HTOC Yorkshire

On the 1st of December , our very own Benjamin Holdsworth, Shaun Sears and Paul Danskin decided to venture to the Veterans Garage for the North West Monthly Meet on what turned out to be a very cold ride indeed but the cold didnt put them off. While there , our brave trio decided to have some fun and booked themselves a helicopter ride over and around Manchester - what a fantastic idea to make their day out rememberable. Nice one guys..

The 5th of December was our South Yorkshire get together at the Ravenfield Arms where around 16 members turned up for our last visit at this venue for 2019. We decided to start having a go at football/darts charity scratch cards at our meets to help the club charity along where we made £30 to add to the charity coffers. Dane was our first winner who was kind enough to donate his winnings and buy 3 pin badges and handed them to members who hadnt got one..nice one Dane , a wonderful gesture indeed...

The 7th Dec saw us at Squires for our meet up where all the usual faces turned up with a few new faces too. Turnout was better than expected for the time of year with 20+ members turning up for a brew or two and a good cha

t. The highlight for me was being able to present Tony Howe , our LC for East Yorks with his LC patch , and well earned it was too. Caught him offguard as he wasnt expecting it which made it all the better. Several more charity pin badges were sold once again adding even more funds to Autism Jersey.

December 14th was Tony's East Yorks Santa Special meet up at Warley cross Cafe where the staff treated our members to Tea and coffees which is always appreciated no matter what the weather is. Its looking like Warley Cafe is going to be a regular meeting place for our LC Tony Howe in the East Yorks area so watch this space for any updates on this..

Our final event of the year and also decade was at Squires cafe on the 28 Dec. The weather was a bit damp as expected for the time of year but also warm considering its more or less the middle of winter. I didnt expect too many turning up as most members were sharing their time with family and friends over the Christmas period but i was surprised when over 50 members made it for our final get-together of 2019 . Looking at how busy the last 12 months has been , looks like were in for an even busier 2020.Thank you everyone for making Yorkshire HTOC such a success this year and lets all look forward to another fantastic year and even more new friendships. Happy New Year to all and all the best. Sparky RC Yorks...


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